Kicking ass now…. at low low limits.

Right now this minute I am. I’ve been doing really well this weekend. Just a brief recap… beginners luck… started learning just how much I don’t know and learned about bet sizing… That fucked me up real good.

But in a good way. My bankroll went way down. I can’t even play on full tilt at the moment because the balance is $1.60. However, the account I opened for $25 on Ultimate Bet is over $150 now. I know small stuff, but probably unwise for a beginner to play above their head.

Anyhow, I’m thinking every time I learn something new about how to improve my play… I will need to adjust and account for losses. For now I am going to just work on winning. UB is sateliting people to WSOP so I am keeping a close eye there.

I’m on track. If I don’t go to WSOP I’ll use my winnings for a boob job.


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The Limited

Until tonight I had never played a limits game. All day I dropped into SNG’s NL’s with the best of I think 28… but as bad as 130th. 

Tonight I heard about a fun private game and jumped in. Finished 9th out of 71. I know for a fact two were semi pro gamblers and they both got bounced. Unfortunately the money was 8th… But I was $4000 behind the closest player and I could no longer afford the blinds. I had two pair and got beat by a trip on the river. Not a terrible way to go out.

I will do this.

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Playing Low

So the past couple of days I have been playing tournaments… My best finish was 5th in a 588 player $4.40 Tournament. I won some cash… was ahead.

 I am having a really bad day today… REALLY BAD.  I thought it would be a good exercise for me to play when I’m feeling low. I want to learn to control my game when I’m feeling bad. I think this will come in handy.

I played 3 tournaments. I was very distracted so my only choice was to play tight and not make too many loose plays… I noticed when I did I always felt bad afterwards… making my play worse.

I finished 228 out of 518… this was after getting a very bad phone call… there was nothing I could do to play in this game. The next was 22 out of 45… just a suck out. I was playing fine. Two good hands and I made the correct decisions.

I gave it one more go in another $4.40 sit’n’go. My entire focus was on playing slow and smart which was difficult because I’m sure half the people playing had NO CLUE what game we were playing. It wasn’t until the last 15 players that people started playing hold’em. With crappy cards, a bad attitude, and a few good blinds I finished 11th.. Just in the money.

I feel like I have a good base and can play ok even when I’m tilted. This encourages me to continue.

Some finer points… I think everyone is too quick to judge at the moment… but getting into WSOP may require an entry fee and I won’t be able to satellite in. But no big deal just play in large cash tourneys.

Also I’m wondering if I should get out of these small buyins soon. Clearly $20 sitingos have better players and it does me no got to beat yahoos…

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Made Money

I played in a double stack tournament today with a $22 buy in. I placed 31 out of 500 and won $45. I didn’t realize initially that I was in the money. I was hanging by a thread with only $4000, I had an appointment and didn’t feel like finishing, so I gave up. Wonder what happens when I stop giving up. This put me about even for tournament play. I’m doing well.  

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Theory in Practice

Since my goal is ultimately not to be a good poker player just to get revenge it seems the best course of action is to learn tournament play and stay away from cash games. So that is what I’ve been up to. I have been able to table at large tournaments between 90-180.. with a best show at 17.

I have a tendency to get really bored. I think it’s boring. I’ll have to find a way to really focus.

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First Sit and Go

I have much to learn. But I thought it would be a good idea to get a baseline or at least a feel for how I’m playing now. I’ve never played a sit’n’go before. I placed 63/180. My plan was just to play really tight. As I suspected that’s about where a person can expect to go by just playing safe hands.

Actually, I didn’t have much of a choice. All of my high cards were paired with 2, 3, or 4. I stole a couple of pots with bad hands, stayed alive a little later when Ifinally got a pair of queens, but ultimately it was a good lesson and confidence builder. 

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Thank You Washington


THANK YOU Political Dogooders, Baby Kissers, Draft Dodgers, Gay Page Pursuers.

Thank you for once again not letting me decide to do with my own money… You know the few scraps I have left after you taxed me to death, by making me pay for the education and health care of illegal immigrants, and food for children who have whores for mothers that are still waiting to hear from the Jerry Springer show to figure out who the Baby Daddy is.

Thanks a fucking lot.

Now I have to go to my bank and make wire deposits to off shore accounts so that I can play a sit and go.

You know those beltway assholes will be huge fans of online gaming once they find a way to get their fat fucking hands in it.

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